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From Brexit to plastics, HS2 to Costa coffee, well-structured campaigns can change opinion, change policy and change corporate strategy.

How do you plan, organise and maintain a successful campaign? How do you set objectives and adapt strategy to react to evolving realities? When is publicity helpful in a legal dispute – and when is it an impediment? And when do you give up or declare victory?

But what do you do if you are the target? How do you react to the “Barbarians at the gate”? How do you respond rapidly and effectively? And how do you manage tactical retreats and rumbling issues?



This seminar is particularly for...

  • Senior comms professionals in corporations and public bodies 


  • NGOs, lobby groups and activist investors


  • Lawyers consultants and other key advisors


This seminar is led by...

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Jason Nisse has worked on both sides of the divide. He has advised successful campaigns for the likes of HBOS Reading victims and bondholders in Co-op Bank, but has also worked with organisations targeted by corporate raiders, NGOs and aggressive litigators.

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Tim Prizeman has helped various large organisations defend and rebut hostile campaigns from pressure groups and vested interests, as well as helping underdogs use the “court of public opinion” to fight and win against large institutions and vested interests.