What drives many businesses to turn a crisis into a PR disaster?



How some companies turn a crisis into a PR disaster.

(and how not be be one of them!).

The tactics for preventing a PR disaster are well known Don't turn a crisis into a PR disasterand have been widely documented. Yet, there are many well-resourced companies with highly experienced management teams (such as Toyota, Thomas Cook and TSB) who have nonetheless completely mishandled such situations.

How come?  In this white paper we look at the psychology and pressure of such situations that leads management teams to frequently mishandle such crises - inflicting a PR disaster on themselves whose damage was far greater than the initial problem. 

Specifically our white paper on the psychology of how teams behave when faced with a PR crisis includes:

  • What pressures and misjudgments you experience in a PR crisis
  • The right way to handle a PR crisis (to stop it becoming a disaster)
  • The common mistakes made during a PR disaster


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